The company

Punto Verde

The company
Punto Verde Srl is your partner for expertise, quality and logistics which is the traditional strength of our company philosophy.

Founded in 1995 with the clear purpose to build the company’s future , based essentially on the quality of the products obtained from local farmers, which enables us to live and produce in contact with nature ; and the innovative technique of producing fresh every day”.

Unique products
Producing from fresh all year round enables us to bring incomparable goodness and freshness to the consumers table.

Our work enhances the aroma of freshness, natural taste, while maintaining the nutritional values ​​so that you can enjoy it in a natural and healthy way by creating unique products, in accordance with the European directives for which we have received certifications for our high standards.

Private label products
For all companies who wish to provide customers with high quality products Punto Verde Srl is able to produce with your own private label.
Products development/bespoke recipes
We don’t only provide you the requested products, we are fully available to tailor the product to suit you creating a bespoke product.
How we work
The combination of innovative techniques and skilled staff enables Punto Verde Srl to safely provide any product that is requested.